Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service

Based in Oakfield Road, Stapleford, Nottingham United Kingdom

Covering the Nottingham areas and Ilkeston
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07935 154 129

Hi, I'm Louise and I love pets...

Hi there, here's a little information about me. Happy Pets is a business run only by me, Louise Jesson.

I've always been an animal lover and have always had pets throughout my life.

My beloved Boo Boo passed away aged 15. Now I have my lovely Miranda to keep me smiling.

I set up the business in 2010 after realising there must be other people that want to go out to the seaside, sleep over at a friend's house, or have a weekend away or holiday. 

Workers that need regular cover and don’t have anyone to pop in and see to their pet could benefit from my services. 

I know I wouldn’t leave Miranda alone from morning till night. Not everyone likes to put their pet into a cattery or kennel. I know I don't.

Based in Nottingham

I can cover the local surrounding areas in Stapleford, and I can cover Ilkeston too.

Happy pets mean happy people

I love my job, working with animals makes me happy and hopefully makes the animals and owners happy too!

I would like to emphasise Happy Pets is not just for dogs; I can cater for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and other small pets.

Health and safety

With dogs and in situations where I'll be letting myself in the house without the owner present, I will usually make an initial visit to test your dog’s reaction to me opening the door.

When I am out dog walking I don’t mix different clients dogs together. It’s a one-to-one service so I can give them my full attention. 

Dogs will be kept on leads for safety reasons; if anyone really wanted their dog off lead at the park to play, I would require a letter of consent for insurance.

I also like to have a contact number and vet's number in case of an emergency.


I've completed the Institute of Modern Dogs Trainer training course. I've also taken Canine Assist in Pet Behaviour and Body Language. 

I'm always reading up and updating my knowledge of pet care.

Contact Louise

To contact me please ring on 07935154129.

You can ask me any question with no pressure, you can go away and think the decision over.

If I can’t answer my phone please leave a voice message and I’ll reply asap. I don't use email, I'm afraid.

If you do think it would be a good service I will make a free visit to your home so I can meet you and your pet.

If you’re happy then we can discuss food, where the lead is kept, habits, temperament etc.

Ruby & Ginger
Angel & Mr T
Angel & Mr T
I look after chickens too
"Louise has looked after my pets quite a few times now and she is very reliable and totally trustworthy. I would recommend her to any one of my friends."

-- Claire & Adrian Ilkeston
Rosie the Labradoodle
Rosie loves to play
We are always pleased to see each other
Rosie telling me something important
"I love my dog Rosie dearly, and was reluctant to leave her, but due to work commitments this was inevitable. I explored all the local services and when Rosie and I met Louise there was such an incredible caring and understanding we just new that Louise was the right person for Rosie and myself. Rosie my Labradoodle is so happy when she sees Louise and just the sound of her name she becomes excited."

-- Diane, Shipley
Me with Dylan
Something has piqued Dylan's interest
Going for a walk
"Dylan is a 5 year old Lhasa Apso.Louise has been excersing Dylan on a daily basis for approx 3 years. We have found her to be extremely reliable, trustworthy and caring towards Dylan. She goes the extra mile and leaves us little notes if she notices anything unusual about him during her time with him which is really appreciated and helpful. Louise keeps Dylan healthy and brings sunshine into his life. We cannot recommend her service highly enough."

-- Tony & Elaine, Shipley View, Ilkeston
Jim & Daisy
Me with Jim
In the garden
Jim & Daisy
"When I returned back to work 8 months ago I needed someone to let the dogs out and walk them. Louise came to visit us and the dogs liked her straight away. I can go to work knowing that Louise will turn up as arranged."

-- Julie, Brinsley
For questions or enquiries, call me on

07935 154 129