Welcome to Happy Pets

My name is Louise, I’ve been running my Happy Pets business since 2010. I work alone to make visits to your home and care for your pets. I offer dog walking or sitting visits and I also look after your other pets while your out or away including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens etc.

I’ve been a dog walker and home sitter since 2010 and have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge in this time. Some of my current clients are the same clients I have worked with for over 12 years, just with a few grey hairs!

If you work long hours, have a holiday booked, or are unable to walk your dog, Happy Pets is on hand to help you out. I offer dog walking, pet sitting, and home visits. Happy Pets is a fully insured, trustworthy and reliable service. I only offer one-to-one walking service. I don’t mix client dogs together. Dogs are walked on lead(s), unless you give permission to my insurance.

Do you own a cat, rabbit, fish, or some other small animal? Happy Pets cater for all pets! So, no matter the species of your furry friend we can cater to your needs and provide the service you need.

For some customers we also offer plant watering indoor or outdoor at a small extra charge.


My beloved Booboo who was a rescue cat who has now passed away aged 14. ❤


My Pets

I adopted Miranda as a rescue, she is 10 years old now and her adopted brother Samba 4 years old.

Little Spencer ponching on a blanket, another lodger
Samba as a kitten with his sister

Family Pets

Poppy and Peter rabbit who loved each other very much, sadly Peter has passed away, we now have Sean the rabbit who we are introducing to Poppy.

Poppy and Sean rabbits happy together in their shed with lights heating cameras etc but when it’s dry their on the grass. 🙂

George is our Tibetan Terrier rescue from Cyprus. He was full of life, then became sluggish and losing his fur, we found out he needed thyroid medication, he is now back to being full of energy running around enjoying life.


Trained at Institute of modern dog training, IMDT and Canine Assist.

I am trained on;

  • Behaviour
  • Body Language