Prices may differ slightly depending on your location.

If you have multiple pets I charge £1 extra per extra pet.

For more than 1 visit per day I try to offer discounts.

I will always do a free no obligation consultation at your home to meet you your family and your pets, so you can ask any questions and I can write down your pets needs while you are away and sort keys, alarm etc.

Some clients request plant watering or fish feeding or outdoor garden watering I can do this for a small extra charge.

For security some people like curtains closing or lights on just let me know.

I also walk your dog from your house so your dog is not put in my car.

I don't always have my phone but I will check my phone between clients and will reply, if you don't get a reply please text or call again, thank you.

Please allow over 24 hour for cancellation, or it's a minimum fee of £3.50.

I turn up in an unmarked car so it's not obvious that you're away from home

Dog Walk


30 Minutes

Prices from £8.00

Dog Walks


45 Minutes

Prices from £10.00

Dog Short Sits / Toilet Breaks


15 Minutes

Prices from £6.50

Cat Sitting


Up to 30mins including company and play, cleaning the litter tray, fresh food and water etc…

Prices from £6.50

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


For Time and fuss, cleaning out, fresh food/water.

Prices from £5.50

Other Small Animals


Chickens etc.

Price on request